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Welcome to, my personal domain which I envisioned as a virtual celebration of theatre and other worthy things. I chose this domain name because I wanted something that sounded positive and fun and which conveyed my passion for my interests (at the time, primarily theatre). This space has grown and evolved ever since I made it my home on the web in 2000- sites have been redesigned, sites have been added, sites have been removed, etc. Although I have not had time to update some of my sites recently as often as I used to, they all still mean a lot to me; my interest in web design, which started in 1996, led me on the path to my current career as a software developer.


Faith's Travelfest

As I started traveling to more exotic places on all 7 continents, I realized I wanted a central place to share blogs and photos.

Stephen Buntrock in Oklahoma

Stephen Buntrock

Launched in 2000, this site has provided news and information on the career of Broadway actor Stephen Buntrock.

laurie as grizabella

Laurie Beechman

Launched in 1996, my first website chronicled the career of Broadway actress Laurie Beechman. Since her death in 1998, it has remained as a celebration of her life.

claudia beechman

Claudia Beechman

Laurie's sister asked me to put together a website about her singing career.

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Broadway Les Mis

Featuring a chronology of all the actors in the 1987 - 2003 original production, this site was created in 2000 as a fun way for me to work on programming with databases.