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Laurie Hope Beechman

Welcome to the everlasting tribute to Broadway and cabaret performer Laurie Beechman!

There has been a void in the theatre ever since Laurie passed away on March 8, 1998. However, despite the fact that she will never again be in the spotlights of Broadway, she still illuminates the lives of all those she touched. This site, which was first established in 1996, is dedicated to keeping Laurie's memory alive. However, it is not intended to be viewed as if it is a shrine to the past. Rather it is a place to celebrate a remarkable life, one that can inspire us all as we look toward the future. Please add your contribution to the site by taking a moment to sign volume IV of the guestbook. Even if you've signed previously, you're more than welcome to share additional memories and thoughts.
Feel free to browse through the entries in Volume 1 , Volume 2, Volume 3 or Volume 4 and see the various ways in which Laurie Beechman touched so many lives- of family, friends, and fans.
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This site is dedicated with love to Dolly, Nate, Claudia, Jane, Neil and all the rest of Laurie's wonderful family.

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