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During the whole time I have had cancer, I have fallen in love, gotten married, appeared on Broadway, done concerts and recorded three albums. My life didn't stop. I'm doing better work than I ever did.

-Laurie Beechman as quoted in The New York Times, 4/28/96

History & Purpose

This site was created in 1996 as a website where I could share my knowledge and enthusiasm for Laurie Beechman and her career. It remains active as a living tribute to her remarkable life. My reasons for creating and maintaining the site are twofold: 1) because of my support of Ms. Beechman's career and my current desire that her life should be remembered; 2) because I enjoy the actual process of working on the site (the designing and programming). I am honored and humbled by the neverending guestbook contributions. All the wonderful memories that everyone has shared are what inspire me not only to continue maintaining the site, but also to redesign it periodically. My web design and programming skills have improved dramatically since my humble beginnings with this site, and I hope that everyone will be pleased with the changes I have made.

Copyright Info

All material that is original to this site is ©, 2000. This includes all original text (other than that directly attributed to another source), all javascripts, original graphics, and the VB Script/ASP programming for the guestbook. All other images and text are used for educational purposes, and I do not claim to hold the copyrights- this includes show logos, production & other photos, and media articles. Please E-mail the webmaster if you have problems with my usage of any material.

Please E-mail the webmaster if you want to take anything from the site, especially if you want to reprint it elsewhere on the web. If nothing else, it's rude. And do note that I've been known to find plagiarized material on my own and I have not always been very nice about it- after all, I've worked hard on this site and it's just plain a slap in my face to present my work (or that of any other webmaster) as one's own. However, if you just ask and present a decent reason, I will be understanding- especially if you give me credit for my work. I really want to just share the love, but people who steal stuff don't make it easy.

Technical Info

This site was designed to be optimally viewed at 800 x 600 resolution or greater on a current browser that is JavaScript compatible. I have tested it using IE 6.0, Firefox 1.0, Netscape 4.7 and Opera 6.0. It will look best on a monitor with a decent color depth (like 16 bit+). If you have any problems viewing the site, please let me know and please tell me as much information as possible about your browser and operating system.


My special and heartfelt thanks go to: my parents; Heather for providing valuable feedback and testing concerning the new design, and for being hookedonphonix ;) ; Gina & Stef for feedback on the previous layout; Sue and Jessica for scans and for sharing; Claudia for asking me to do her site as well; everyone who shared obituaries and tributes that I've posted; everyone who has written me or signed the guestbook- for their outpouring of love and support and for keeping Laurie's memory alive; and to Laurie for saying "yes" one July evening at Rainbow and Stars in 1996- at a time years before anyone and everyone were making web pages dedicated to their favorite performers (and for that matter before most people had even heard of a web page!).

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