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I used to have an inner debate with myself. Am I in denial about my disease? Or am I just an optimist? I now believe I'm an optimist. Miracles can happen!

-Laurie Beechman, as quoted in TheaterWeek, 1995

Added a link to the website of Gaylen Ross, who directed the documentary about Laurie, to many of the site pages.
The site has once again been redesigned. I've been wanting to do away with the frames construction for a long time and I also wanted a fresh new style for the site. After quite a bit of effort as well as several aborted design attempts, I am finally happy with what I came up with and I hope that everyone else will like it, too. Please note that some file names have changed so if you have bookmarked any of the pages on this site, you may have to update your bookmarks. Please feel free to send me feedback on the redesign!
Added 2 new photos to the Fantine page and rescanned 2 others; also some tidying and additions were done fairly recently without being documented here.
On the occasion of the webmaster's 12th anniversary of seeing Laurie Beechman first perform as well as the 3rd anniversary of seeing her for a final time (both in Cats), the totally redesigned version of this site officially opens at Please feel free to send feedback on the new look- crossing fingers that everyone likes it!

Some of the highlights of the new version include: tabbed navigation scheme, Ad-free guestbook (vol. 4) programmed by the webmaster, and improved photo galleries featuring new and rescanned images

Moved the poem from the main page to a link off Remembering Laurie.
Proudly added Claudia Beechman's French poem to the Remembering Laurie page. Some minor cosmetic changes were made to that page as well as the main home page, and the guestbook- including adding a javascript to verify that people fill in a name and comments on the signing page.
Added a photo to The Hall of Headshots
Added an item to the news archives page about a planned benefit.
The minor facelift I'd planned (see below) has turned into a major overhaul that occupied much of my free time during the latter part of Feb.  (but it's a project I've thoroughly enjoyed)  I've gone through every page and worked on sprucing things up as well as maintaining a more coherent layout throughout the site (particularly as far as the color scheme).  I've also added 2 pages: Remembering Laurie, which contains the tribute links that were formerly on the home page (relax, nothing is gone- it was just moved) and The Annie Annex, a collection of pictures of Laurie in Annie- 3 were moved from the Onstage section, and the rest are new to the site.  I've also closed volume 2 of the guestbook, and opened volume 3.  There are also new pictures in the other photo collections, as well as ones that have been rescanned and imrpoved.  As you can see, I remain committed to maintaining the excellence of this site.  By the way, for anyone keeping track, this marks  what I consider to be version 3.0 of the page.  It is designed for optimal viewing on a 600x800 screen, preferably with a recent version of Netscape  (3.0+) or Internet Explorer (4.0+).  But I've tried to make it look as good as possible no matter what browser you use (so long as it is a frames capable browser, and a monitor that has decent color).  

It's convenient that I've been able to time the launch of the new look to the one year anniversary of Laurie's passing.  However, it isn't entirely coincidental- I was thinking that it was time to put some work into the site, and I decided that it would be wonderful to have the "rebirth" be on this date, as a symbol that Laurie still lives on in my life- I hope that it will also be comforting to all of Laurie's fans, friends and family.

Added links to Souvenirs et Espoirs: Tha Claudia Beechman Website on various places on this site. Laurie's sister who is featured dueting with Laurie on "If we Only Have Love" on the CD No One is Alone, Claudia has recently released a wonderful CD of her own, Souvenirs de Paris, where she sings French songs.  Claudia's site is also designed and maintained by yours truly, the webmaster for Laurie's site. Be sure to check it out if you have a chance!

I also added an item to the news section, and removed some references to the ill fated 11/30 concert-that-wasn't.  Hopefully, I will soon be able to do a minor facelift on this site (mainly design, not content-- though I do plan one or two content updates as well)- so stay tuned!

Changed both frames of the main page, adding some javascript to the left frame menu bar (The javascript should be viewable on Netscape Navigator 3.0+ and Internet Explorer 4.0).

The pages will be renovated completely over the next few days; there was nothing wrong with the old version but 1) Updating the look periodically keeps the page looking fresh and 2) I wanted to make some changes.  Other than the current page's background (which came from a public domain website), all backgrounds will now be original creations of the webmaster.  The pages may undergo small design changes periodically over the course of the coming days, until they are finalized.  All content, however, should remain the same throughout the transition period.

Added an obituary written by Clark Groome for the Chestnut Hill Local.
Added an article from the Philadelphia Inquirer (6/19/97) and a brief mention from In Theater magazine (9/19/97) to the Library of Articles.   Updated the Onstage , Offstage and News pages and added more graphics to various places on the site.  Added The Portrait Passageway, which is the gateway to 4 pages of photos: The Grizzabella Gallery (with a new background), The Fantine Foyer, The Hall of Headshots and The Assortment Alcove.
Recordings page is renovated- with new pages for each of Laurie's 4 solo CD's, as well as 13 sound clips.  This updates page is also added as a place to list major updates to the page (any minor updates- such as changing a word or a phrase, or adding a single photo- will not usually be mentioned here).
week of 3/16/98
A new guestbook is added due to the fact that the old one was erased from its site.  A few more photos are added, and some graphics are touched up.
Laurie Beechman passed away last night.  A tribute page has replaced the original front page- it includes a poem the webmaster started writing on March 8.
Due to the fact that this page has outgrown Prodigy's webhosting capabilities, The Laurie Beechman Website has moved to its 2nd home, at Geocities.  Additionally, you may notice that this page has undergone a makeover coinciding with the move.  The aim of these changes has been to improve upon the organization and design of the site, as well as to take advantage of the fact that the webmaster has learned a great deal about HTML since starting work on the page in spring 1996.  Though this site looks different, the content has remained relatively constant. 
A guestbook has been added. Please take a moment to sign and share your comments on this extraordinary singer or on this website.
Visit the Grizabella Gallery to see a selection of pictures of Laurie Beechman as Grizabella throughout the years.
The graphics and photos on this site have been greatly expanded.


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