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As the new year began, I remember thinking, 'I feel great. Life is wonderful. Wouldn't it be great to be in love?' Then in March 1992 a friend invited me to New York City for Neil's birthday party. . . we'd been friends for 10 years. I hadn't seen him for a while and at his party, we fell in love. It was an enchanted courtship. We got married in October and (took a) honeymoon in Paris. . .

-Laurie Beechman, People Magazine 1995

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"I'm so pleased to be represented on this new album by Laurie Beechman. She's one of the most gifted singers I know. She sings from the soul... from her toes to the top of her head and I'm swept away."(-Alan Menken, liner notes)
Noone is Alone CD cover Track Listing
  1. These are the Good Times
  2. Some Day
  3. Being Alive
  4. No One is Alone
  5. Beautiful City
  6. Climb Every Mountain
  7. If We Only Have Love (duet with Claudia Beechman- Laurie's sister)
  8. There But For You go I
  9. If You Believe
  10. On a Clear Day You Can See Forever
  11. You'll Never Walk Alone
  12. I Am Changing
  13. Make Our Garden Grow/ One Hand, One Heart (duet with Sam Harris)
  14. God Bless Us Everyone (features a chorus of children from the Broadway casts of Les Mis and Show Boat)
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