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If you've been in extreme circumstances- it doesn't have to be cancer, it can be the death of a spouse, AIDS, anything- and you've been lucky enough to survive, it's incumbent on you to live the best possible life. What's the point otherwise?

-Laurie Beechman, as quoted in The Washington Post, 1996



general theatre
  • Playbill Online- news and information about what's going on in theatre.
  • another site for theatre news.
  • Broadway quick highlights of the day's theatrical news.
  • Talkin Broadway- another theatre site, most well known for its popular All That Chat online messageboard
  • Theatricopia- If you want to find theatre related websites beyond those listed here, check out Jill Hobgood's frequently updated site which contains a comprehensive listing of sites devoted to performers, shows, and more.

  • Footlight Records- the best place to look for Laurie's harder to find recordings; an excellent source for theatre and cabaret recordings in general.
  • Fynsworth Alley- where you can buy The Andrew Lloyd Webber Album and Noone is Alone, as well as listen to Real Audio sound clips.
  • Dress Circle- A wonderful store located in London that also specializes in theatre-related recordings.
  • Sound of Music Homepage- A mail order company based in Germany, Sound of Music is another great place to look for theatre-related recordings, especially foreign casts.
  • Has new and used copies of Laurie's recordings.
  • ebay- Online auction site where you can sometimes find listings for Laurie's recordings.
  • another source for some of Laurie's recordings

  • Gilda's Club The Gilda's club home page features information about their organization, as well as a form you can use to make a donation.
  • Everything Old is New Again- weekly web/radio broadcast of theatre/cabaret music. Laurie was featured on Jan 14, 2001.
  • - includes the informal home pages of the webmaster.

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