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Lately, I find I'm using what is happening in my life and in the world. I read the newspapers a lot. Unfortunately, you don't have to reach that far to get to the despair in this world, and also to the hope that is always there, too. I kind of do the song now like a prayer.

-Laurie Beechman, about singing "Memory", as quoted in The New York Times, 1985


Should your days be filled with storm,
Should your nights be chilled and windy-
Find yourself a rainbow
And let it sing you a medley of its colors

If it be too dark to find your way,
If the road be frightful and lonely-
Turn your eyes to the rainbow
And worry not where your feet should lead

Dare to embrace it with your heart
Surrender to its magical glow
Dance onward, entranced
Never looking down, never looking back

When the showers subside and the rainbow must fade
You might find by your side a pot of gold
Yet how much a treasure or a miracle
can be a monochrome object?

Celebrate the rainbow forever,
Let it live on in your heart
And you will always have a guide;
You will be richer than you'd ever dreamed

poem by Faith L. Burwasser, 1999

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