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I used to have an inner debate with myself. Am I in denial about my disease? Or am I just an optimist? I now believe I'm an optimist. Miracles can happen!

-Laurie Beechman, as quoted in TheaterWeek, 1995

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August 27, 2002 7:55 AM
Hartford from Los Angeles, CA, USA
I've listened to the recordings of Laurie Beechman, and she was an extraordinary vocalist. I have this gnawing question thoug, and I hope someone out there, who is a devoted fan, can help.
Years ago, I thought I saw Laurie Beechman appear on "Star Search", and Ed McMahon referred to her vocal stylings as many had called it "one of the most beautiful and perfect voices." She did a rendition of "But Not Like This". I could be totally off base with this one, but if someone can help in this retro-query, I would appreciate it. I'll certainly not listen any less to her beautiful voice.
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August 24, 2002 6:29 PM
Susan Campochiaro from New York, New York
Dear Laurie,
I have known of you and met you when I worked at the William Morris Agency. Steve Levine was the Agent that I worked with and you were the "talk" of the agency then. You have always been my inspiration as a singer, dancer and actress. I want to thank you and acknowledge you for all your heart and soul and the gift you were and are to the world through your miraculous voice and performance. Thank you and I pray that whenever I sing one of the songs that you have made so famous that I too can share my gift with others as you did to make a difference.

Thank you and Be in Peace,

With Love and Admiration,
Susan Campochiaro
Actor, Singer & Dancer
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August 21, 2002 1:50 PM
adam abebe from Ethiopia Addis Abeba
God is mighty who share with me the word of god?
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August 19, 2002 8:45 PM
chet dembeck from Harpers Ferry, WV
She touches souls with the beauty of her songs and sooths the longings of lost memories.
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July 30, 2002 1:08 AM
Brad Loekle from NYC
Laurie, Back now from the road. Again. This time a 2 month stay in Georgia. And, as always, you voice and spirit gave me strength and humor and light. Anytime this path gets rough, I find you there. I find you. I find your sisters. I find Dolly. They continue to share your light with me. It is my honor.

And, as always, as soon as I mention you in my bio, I get cast and audience members alike, running up and wanting to talk to me about you. About how your presencse, your voice, your spirit touched them. Be it through sight or sound, alive or beyond, you have touched so many. You are a part of so many lives. You continue to remind me of the power of human soul. Sometimes we forget. we believe ourselves to be small. We are not. I love you for that... and so much more.
My love always & forever,
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July 26, 2002 8:51 PM
jane elissa from new york city
I think it is very important for people to know that Laurie was honored at a Leukemia Society function and named the Shining Star of Broadway at the Jane Elissa Extravaganza in New York city. She was an amazing performer and a wonderful inspiration to us all. She touched my life and helped me raise over 100,000 dollars for Leukemia research and patient aid. She was a dear friend and is sorely missed.
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July 16, 2002 10:37 AM
Robert E. Lee from Yonkers, NY
I saw this poem whilst thinking of Laurie a bit in the Barnes & Noble at 22 (or so) and 6th Ave after feeling Fran Drescher's book "Cancer, Schmancer"--I was awestruck after thinking of "hope" and Laurie--Laurie Hope Beechman--it's a beautiful poem by Emily Dickinson--

"Hope" is the thing with feathers
2 That perches in the soul
3 And sings the tune without the words
4 And never stops at all,

5 And sweetest in the gale is heard;
6 And sore must be the storm
7 That could abash the little bird
8 That kept so many warm.

9 I've heard it in the chillest land
10 And on the strangest sea,
11 Yet never, in extremity,
12 It asked a crumb of me.

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July 12, 2002 9:30 AM
Udo Nottelmann from Germany
A few days ago i did a concert and as an encore i wanted to sing "Climb every mountain". I couldn't catch my breath and thought "how can i get through this?". All of a sudden i heard Lauries voice in my head singing the last line "..till you find your dream" and it made me belt it out. Once again she inspired me.. Not that i will ever be as great as she was, but who will? Thank you Laurie for still bringing me your help. Love you forever.
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July 10, 2002 12:56 PM
Ben Kamin from San Diego
Dear Laurie~

Today is neither your birthday nor the anniversary of your being called to sing to the angels. It's just another day--when, as it is every day--you inspire Sari to memorize her lines for her latest performance, Debra to be even more creative in her writing and music, and me--the one you called "my rabbi"--to consider a gentler, more insightful, perhaps even adventurous approach to the business of human life. Like a star by day, we cannot see you but you are absolutely in the sky above our lives--forever changed by your own life and song. God bless you, dear friend and inspiration.
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July 1, 2002 7:42 PM
Adrian Megson from United Kingdom
This feels like fate?
Many years ago a penfriend from New York sent me a compilation tape of all his favourite songs in which to help me through a bad time in my life and on this tape was included a number called Listen to my heart, which was sung by an angel. This song/singer has remained my all time favourite.
Back then I didnt know who the singer was and tried effortlessly for eight long years to try and find out and in the process lost contact with my penpal, who I thought would have the answer. It was only by chance last year (and through a mix-up in believing this incredible voice came from the late talented singer Nancy Lamott) that I found Laurie Beechman! I am captivated by this lady and only today (01.07.02) has a friend of mine finally found a copy of the CD of Listen to my heart and so at long last I will have a clean cut version of this beautful song, which will come with me to my grave. I was truly heartbroken to discover that this angel's life was cut so short (like that of Nancy Lamott and Eva Cassidy)) and I say God bless you Laurie for touching my grey world and filling it with the colours of the rainbow. Wherever you are today, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. God bless you in Heaven's light and bless also your family.

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June 27, 2002 2:03 PM
Becky Leal from
I am a singer as well. I found Laurie's website while on the Net today. My best friend was recently diagnosed w/ Ovarian Cancer.
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June 20, 2002 2:52 PM
Robert E. Lee from Yonkers, NY
Might I also add that at the very end of "Memory," Laurie sang the longest note--has be-gu--------------------n...that I can remember--it was as if she was living that newly begun day within that note! And one didn't feel that she was singing it that way to "milk" it--one felt that she truly was expressing what she was feeling at that moment--a true singing actress!
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June 19, 2002 5:34 PM
Robert E. Lee from Yonkers, NY
I would love to hear more about what Laurie did between Annie and Joseph. Does anyone know? I know Laurie did Pirates of Penzance, the film Hair, and also recorded the "Laurie and the Sighs" album, but I'm sure she did more. If anyone has any info, let me know.

By the way, that last shot of Laurie (headshots) in this website (top row--furthest to the right) was definitely before 1990 because the first time I saw "CATS" was in 1989 (Laurie had already left), but that same headshot was still in there (it has a date on the bottom right-hand corner of the cast leaflet--02/1988)--so it must've been before February 1988, as well. Just thought I'd let you know--don't mean to sound picky!

Also, I'm so glad other people got chills and felt like they were going to be catapulted out of their seats when Laurie sang the end of "Memory" at the Wintergarden (probably back in 1983 too before she did the Broadway production). I just remember seeing white--as if I was just electrocuted or something...and feeling this wave of emotion--and I was never the same. I was hooked---Laurie was it. Every chance I got (and still get), I mention Laurie and recommend listening to her. Wow--when Laurie came on--you knew this was class, this was the real thing, this was IT!! Even before I knew who Laurie was--I had listened with my 7th grade class in 1988 or so to the Joseph recording--I went home each day remembering that soulful, rocky, knock-em-dead voice she had that could bring on happiness, sadness, and most of all, elation to anyone who heard her. But like many say here, it was one of those voices you just couldn't truly capture on a recording--there was this sparkle along with the boom of her sound that just shimmered!! Since her recordings are all we have, though, and the memory of her truly inspiring life, they will have to do.

With love and respect for all Laurie was and is,

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June 18, 2002 9:25 PM
Chuck Irwin from
I only had the pleasure of working withLaurie a few times. She was one of the most facinating, energetic and talented artists I have had the honor of working with, not. to mention memorable.

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June 6, 2002 3:27 PM
Steve Pacek from Philadelphia, PA
I never knew Laurie, but my aunt was a nurse of hers at a Philadelphia hospital and she gave her a CD to give to me because my aunt told her I was a singer too. It's a copy of Listen to My Heart. And now that I'm thinking about starting my own cabaret, I'm thinking of dedicating a song to her because she really inspired me through her music to listen to "my" heart! And for that I could have never been able to say thank you enough....but I'll say it anyway....thank you Laurie!
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June 4, 2002 10:21 AM
kathleen kille from NJ penns grove usa
it has been a while sins i have been hear but it's nice to know that i can come hear

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May 27, 2002 11:25 AM
Venice Martin from New Jersey, United States
My deepest sympathy goes to Laura's family.
Laurie had a beautiful voice I have been a fan of hers for a very long time. I have her CD "No One Is Alone" and play it many times. I did not know of her passing and came on this site to see if she had any other CD's I could purchase. I will miss her and her beautiful voice.
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May 24, 2002 4:12 PM
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May 18, 2002 11:09 PM
sherry from GREENFIELD TN 38230
I love the musical cats.I did not see this lady performace however I know she must havebeen a very good Grizabella.
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April 16, 2002 3:49 AM
Charles Elliott from Colorado
I had the great pleasure and good fortune to see Laurie in "Cats" at the Winter Garden in 1986, and it was one of the great theatre-going experiences of my life. Her incredible voice far surpassed the two previous performances I had heard (one on stage and one on record), and the entire performance still haunts me to this day. I didn't learn of her battle with cancer until shortly before her death, and it was shattering to say the least. I still revel in her great talent through her CDs, and as a real and sincere fan, I just had to add my thoughts to this tribute.
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April 15, 2002 11:03 AM
kathleen kille from NJ
i like the web page but i liked it even more when i got my first stage aperence

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April 6, 2002 2:57 AM
janine from

Why so long to write is beyond me..but Laurie is with me everyday. I met her when I was 12.She was very special to me..We had many funny times while we were both in Annie in Ct. and then New York. Her love and friendship overflowed. My parents adored her. My siblings thought she was IT.
Her recordings come with us on our ever growing family vacations. My children see her face everyday on my rerigerator. I get toread her beautiful inscription in the journal she gave to me when I left Annie. Her music and voice were phenomenal but Laurie the person was incredible. Iwas unable to leave work for her funeral but did get to the cemetery later that day...I missed her for a long time during my teenage years..but you know what...she was alway there in my heart. Idid get to see her perform many times and was thrilled my husband finally got to meet her while she and Andrea were both in Les Mis in Philly. He knew how neat she was from just a few minutes of chit chat. Love to the family..I listen to Listen to My Heart often...Laurie is always there ...listen to her sing..isn't that what she always I say ..keep listening...She is here!!! much love, Janine
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April 5, 2002 5:05 PM
Ina from Elkins Park, PA
How can we best commemorate the wonderful day Laurie was born? (I am a day late, I know) By random acts of kindness to emulate a special lady and by always remembering the type of person Laurie. She has inspired strangers and friends alike to be the best one can be and to reach for the stars! Here's to you Laurie:)
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April 5, 2002 10:56 AM
My wife and I saw Laurie in "Joseph"in Philly and later in "Les Miz"in NY.Her voice was positively glorious.These were the 2 most memorable nights we have ever spent in the theater.
You are sorely missed but your soaring voice will never be forgotten!
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April 4, 2002 4:43 PM
Claudia Beechman from Elkins Park PA
I had a rehearsal today and you were right there with me.
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