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As the new year began, I remember thinking, 'I feel great. Life is wonderful. Wouldn't it be great to be in love?' Then in March 1992 a friend invited me to New York City for Neil's birthday party. . . we'd been friends for 10 years. I hadn't seen him for a while and at his party, we fell in love. It was an enchanted courtship. We got married in October and (took a) honeymoon in Paris. . .

-Laurie Beechman, People Magazine 1995

Take your time browsing the 4 guestbook volumes which are filled with wonderful memories of Laurie Beechman and her work. Before you leave, please be sure to take a moment to sign and add your voice to this site.

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April 4, 2002 4:03 PM
Delia from Bronx, NY
I think every one who knew laurie, is especially grateful for this day, because its the day an Angel was born..
you will never be forgotten
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April 4, 2002 9:52 AM
Judy Goldenberg from Los Angeles, Ca.
"On the day that you were born the angels got together and decided to create a dream come true."...Succeed they did! Remembering Laurie on her birthday. The magic of her voice, and beauty of her face and soul will not be forgotten.
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April 4, 2002 2:16 AM
Sue & Jack from Elmsford , NY
Happy Birthday Laurie! What a sad day this is for us. We have so much to tell you and I really miss our kitchen chats. I hope everything is beyond your wildest dreams up there in Heaven. We think about you daily. Hey guess what>> Cats is comming to the Broadway Theater. It will not be the same without you. Keep smiling upon us. Love & Godspeed to you today & everyday! Love Sue & Jack
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March 17, 2002 11:35 PM
Kathryn Shrader from Pittsburgh PA
Laurie is the reason I went into acting! She used to work for my father in the hotel he used to own on the Jersey Shore. He always talked about how lovely she sounded singing as she washed the dishes! When I was 8 years old I was able to meet her when the tour of Joseph.. came into philly. She just amased me on stage and when my father took me to meet her I was just awe struck. I later saw her again in Les Mis but that was the last time. My father was hit hard by her death and went to her funeral and spoke with her mother for a while about how wonderful he thought she was. I only wish I could tell her that my meeting her at 8 inspired me to become an actress.
love to laurie
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March 16, 2002 9:39 PM
Bruce Freedman from Wayne, PA
I was a film major at New York University and attended school with Laurie. Since we were both from Philadelphia we rode the train often when we were going home on holidays. Although we never saw each other after she left NYU, I followed her career through the years. She was a wonderful person.
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March 15, 2002 6:52 PM
Ina from Elkins Park, PA
I think of Laurie often. I usually post a memorial on the sad day of Laurie's leaving us. I was otherwise occupied that day, so this is my tribute to Laurie's shining light. She will be forever in my heart for her talent, her courage and most importantly her humanity. Laurie, as long as we are here signing this wonderful guestbook, you will be remembered and loved.
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March 12, 2002 3:44 PM
Scott Mack from New Jersey
Just wanted to say that my family recently discovered the "Joseph" soundtrack and we are really enjoying it. My 13 year old recently played Simeon in her school play and had a wonderful experience. Thank you, Laurie, for this musical gift that you have given us - it is something that will always bring us joy - and for that, we will never forget you.
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March 8, 2002 10:05 PM
Jane Beechman Segal from Melrose Park PA
To my dearest sister, Laurie, the brightest star in the sky - You are with me everyday, heart and soul. And I hear everything say, through your spirit and your song - I miss you so. Forever, your little sis, Janie Pooh
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March 8, 2002 4:53 PM
Eva from Egg Harbor Township, NJ
I am thinking of Laurie on this sad day. She continues to live in the hearts of those whose lives she touched with her beautiful voice. Although I never met her, I feel as though I knew her through her music. I will play her music today in her honor and remember. Thank you Laurie and God Bless.
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March 8, 2002 9:01 AM
Claudia Beechman from Elkins Park, PA
Today is the fourth anniversary of Laurie's death.
This remarkable guestbook continues to be a moving tribute to the power of Laurie's legacy. Friends and fans from all over the world
have written of Laurie's talent, courage and generosity of spirit. Read some of the entries and above all, keep listening! Laurie, you live on!
love forever,
your "Claud"
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February 28, 2002 1:18 PM
Aline Seegers Otero from Solebury, Pennsylvania
I played with Claudia as a child in Cape May and remember Laurie with awe. So beautiful and kind. I was so devastated to hear that this world has lost her.

My love to Claudia, and "Mrs. Beechman".

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February 25, 2002 7:39 PM
Steven J Suiter from Indiana, United States
I recently purchased the CD of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, that has Ms. Beechman singing the part of the NARRATOR. My heart was saddened and the tears flowed freely upon finding out this beautiful voice was no longer amongst us, I guess God needed her voice more than we did.
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February 7, 2002 9:12 PM
Adrian Hickman from
I fixed my heading. I am rotten at filling out forms.
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February 7, 2002 9:09 PM
Adrian from Philadelphia
Just a quick note to echo every sentiment here. There are few albums that affect me as much as No One Is Alone has. I can't explain why, and that is probably the beauty of it, it just affects me. It would be a shame to dwell on what might have been, but instead I'll marvel at what she accomplished in her life.

I only saw Laurie once, in Jospeh And The amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, but that one led to a lifelong listeneing relationship.

Even Streisand, while not acknowledging it, paid tribute to Laurie, when she copied large portions of Laurie's version of You'll Never Walk Alone for the Emmycast last year.

Thanks to the Beechman family from a fellow Philadelphian, and a lifelong, grateful fan.
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January 25, 2002 12:31 PM
Julie Tinberg from Bloomington/MN/USA
Just recently became acquainted with Lauries music through her No One is Alone CD. What a wonderful voice the world has lost.
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January 14, 2002 1:58 AM
Judy Goldenberg from Los Angeles,Ca.
Dearest Laurie,
It is no surprise to me that the love, devotion and admiration that your life and music have inspired in so many continues to be expressed through the poignant messages from the hearts of so many who love and miss you, myself included.Love to Claudia,Sue and of course Faith,whose wonderful website allows us to share our feelings and publicly honor and share thoughts of the beautiful Laurie.
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January 11, 2002 3:23 PM
Claudia Beechman, Laurie's sister from Elkins Park, PA
Thanks to everybody who has taken the time to write such moving entries in Laurie's guestbook. They bring tears to my eyes, but they also make me feel so happy that her legacy continues to inspire so many people.
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January 6, 2002 8:18 PM
Wendy Schmidt from NJ
Oh my God!! What a great website. Not for nothing, Laur, I just found our jr. prom little keepsake book, and in my sarcastic wit (as always), I listed what we did. To go to your Dad's restaurant in Philly, having dinner and listening to you and your father perform, well, it was just too much for an 11th grader to appreciate at the time. How lucky and grateful I am that I got to share that moment with you. I wonder if our dates feel the same! Remember the Bijou Cafe and you were in Laurie and the Sighs, and we came and saw you? That was so fun. Sandy and I miss you very much, miss visiting you in NYC, and think of you all the time. Now that I know this site exists, I will write often, okay?
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January 2, 2002 8:34 PM
Sarah G from Washington DC
I must have been about 11 years old when I saw Laurie on Broadway as the narrator in Joseph. I feel like she has been a part of my life ever since and I will never forget that performance. Now - over 20 years later - I am a single mom of an 8-month-old boy and when he can't sleep I sing him the prologue. Just singing it to him tonight made me want to hear her - so I came to the site to listen to that voice - which can still give me chills and bring tears to my eyes. We miss you . . .

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December 30, 2001 3:57 AM
George Thatcher from Auckland, New Zealand
Was recently doing some research on Laurie's musical career back in the late 70's when I stumbled upon this tribute site, only to sadly read of her passing. I am overwhelmed at the beautiful messages left in her memory. A very special talent, and a very special human being..
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December 24, 2001 4:52 PM
carol cameron from tampa fl
Was led, recently, to Laurie's No One Is Alone cd at a time when I have been feeling alone and overwhelmed with an aging parent. Laurie is a beam of light, and left a celestial energy print via her singular voice. Thank you Laurie!
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December 16, 2001 12:15 PM
Ben Kamin from San Diego, CA
When our family--so tied to Laurie and her family--lit the Hanukkah candles this year, we remembered Laurie, as we have every year at the season of lights. Cathy, Sari, Debra and I recall vividly how delighted Laurie was to receive a menorah from us: It was at the Forrest Theatre in Philadelphia, at the solstice of 1990--our sweet friend was starring in "Les Mis." She accepted the menorah and transformed her dressing room into a little santuary of freedom and hope. We miss her as a sister, aunt, and friend, but feel the love--especially when we light the lights.
God bless you, Laurie Hope.
Love always...~Ben and Family
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December 12, 2001 5:40 PM
burt hirsch from skokie,il
laurie's favorite CATS memory was "having hanukkah in her dressing room..."a menorah in laurie's honor , has been lit each night of hanukkah,5762.
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December 12, 2001 5:39 PM
burt hirsch from skokie,il
laurie's favorite CATS memory was "having hanukkah in her dressing room..."a menorah in laurie's honor , has been lit each night of hanukkah,5762.
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November 28, 2001 7:30 PM
Jeffrey Safier from Fair Lawn, NJ USA
The only time I ever heard Laurie Beechman sing was in "Joseph and the Technicolor Dream Coat". I must of been in my early teens. I dont think I have ever heard a voice like hers since. She left a lasting impression. I didnt follow her career. However everytime I saw a playbill her name was in there. When she passed away, Broadway lost a shining star. My condolences to her fans and her family.
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